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What exactly is programmatic advertising?

Just like search engine marketing (PPC), programmatic advertising involves a bidding system where websites offer advertisement spaces on their sites. Real-time bidding (RTB) and complex algorithms are used in programmatic advertising to take care of placements for you.

Programmatic Advertising
Programmatic Advertising Audience

Making programmatic advertising work for you

We know, for example, that your prospective buying audience has specific interests and is of a certain age and gender. We can ensure your ads are served only to people who fit the bill with the help of our programmatic partners. Programmatic advertising helps you reach your audience, not just in search results, but as they browse the internet.

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How programmatic advertising works?

Programmatic advertising involves multiple advertisers bidding on placements in a number of different contexts—all in real-time. When a user visits a website, information about the user is sent to the ad exchange platform, and then the ad exchange processes the user data through an algorithm and determines which ad from which advertiser will be shown to the user.

How Programmatic Advertising Works?
Programmatic Advertising London

Programmatic advertising in London and Istanbul

Our programmatic advertising teams, based in London and Istanbul, have a broad range of specialist experience and industry knowledge that empowers us to create strategic and impactful campaigns. We reach your audience using in-depth targeted profiles based on interests, demographics, browsing histories, and shopping habits to make sure our programmatic campaigns genuinely affect your conversion rates.

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