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  • Is your education organisation getting the right kind of public exposure?
  • Can you effectively reach funding bodies, parents, board members, and other key stakeholders?

We offer a broad range of marketing, PR, and communications services, including school websites, school magazines, feature articles, and press releases.


Starting from daycare and early learning centres through to primary schools, secondary schools, and tertiary education providers, we cater to all levels of education organizations.

Education Marketing

Education and School Marketing United Kingdom

Education marketing can significantly increase your organization’s awareness and reputation. According to our experience, the key point is that although the institution seems to have no need for marketing, it is always necessary to describe its activities.

Through our marketing strategies and efforts, we can get people to sign up, find funding, talk to students and their families, work with other groups, and give students, parents, and other stakeholders a sense of belonging.

Educational marketing should not be thought of as an enrollment-only activity. From business partners to administrative staff, from students to teachers, from local and regional circles to even affiliated institutions, there should be a set of activities that will reach everywhere the name of the institution can be mentioned.

Which tools do we use and improve?

  • Social media
  • Institution websites
  • Institution’s physical publications
  • Public relations
  • Articles, academic studies
  • Press releases
  • Fair, stand-up organisations
  • Social responsibility projects
  • In-house events
  • Parent and student activities.

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