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Ecommerce Marketing

Not only online retailers but also businesses with brick-and-mortar locations and an online presence, need e-commerce marketing.
It helps both physical and online sales.

The team at Marketing Atelier focuses on e-commerce digital marketing and can help you increase the following metrics:

  • Conversions: We are dedicated to the quality of traffic. We do not just increase your server load; we also increase sales.
  • Average Product Quantity per Order: Increase your ability to add more products to your stock and sell more of them.
  • average cost per order.
  • Return Customers: Develop relationships and create repeat customers.
  • Online Brand Awareness: Expand the reach of your brand online and through social channels.

Ecommerce Marketing Solutions

Social media management and marketing

According to your business, we use social media in the most effective way. We promote your products with coupons, discounts, events, new launches, and more with our social media advertising services for ecommerce.

SEM & Google Ads

Google receives 63,000 search inquiries per second (not all of those are shopping-related, of course, but many of them are). Google’s shopping module makes it easy to display your products or help your business stand out online. Google Search and Google PPC shopping ads are combined.

With our shopping campaign structures, you only pay for the best results, not for unrelated clicks.

Ecommerce Marketing Solutions

Email Newsletters

Your business can instantly reach out to current customers, past customers, and future customers in a more personalised way. We assist in keeping your products at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

Content Marketing

Companies that blog see three times more leads than those that do not. Our content marketing services help you produce quality content that forms a personality for your brand and builds a bond with your customers.

Design and store optimization

A smooth user experience is key to keeping customers on your site and searching through your products. We use UX/UI tools to analyse your website and recommend changes.

Google Shopping Management

In Google Shopping, our data scientists take your product feed to new heights. See how we boost you above the intensely competitive Google Shopping landscape by increasing the agility and precision of your campaigns.

Organic Traffic

When people are looking to make a purchase, often the first resource they turn to is the internet. Rank at the top of the list in search engine results when customers search keywords for products or services you sell on your website. remain a player in the game and have an item in their shopping cart. Our SEO services help generate more quality traffic that converts into lifelong customers. SEO changes constantly, but there are trends to understand and anticipate.



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